Is 12.0.40 Stable? (Poll)

If you are interested, here’s how to create a poll that looks like this (of course it starts from zero though)

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]
* 12.0.40 is stable (Windows Intel )
* 12.0.40 is unstable  (Windows Intel )

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]
* 12.0.40 is stable (Windows AMD)
* 12.0.40 is unstable (Windows AMD)
[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]
 * 12.0.40 is stable (Apple Silicon)
* 12.0.40 is unstable (Apple Silicon)

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=bar]
 * 12.0.40 is stable (Mac Intel)
* 12.0.40 is unstable (Mac Intel)

Thanks @Steve , I think I’ll leave the current one as is (imperfect as it may be).

And chalk this up to a learning experience, next time I’ll give it some more thought before posting.

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Makes sense… this is a sensible topic for a poll anyway, if only as some indication that the Cubendo 12 release is solid for many.

I agree. The bottom line is that many more users, regardless of whether one is using Mac Intel or Mac Silicon, are finding Cubase Pro 12.0.40 stable than not. That is good for Mac users who were still on the fence trying to decide if they can safely update to 12.0.40.

FYI I changed the title for the thread to account for my original lack of forethought.

Oh! you mean this is only about Mac? Well, PC users have been voting and replying…

Well when I made the poll I didn’t originally think about AMD chips, and so by saying it’s Mac only that sorta accounts for that???

Maybe it makes it worse??? I feel like I keep digging a hole for myself. haha

Really I just should have put more thought into it before posting, as many people have pointed out, lol

It didn’t say anything about Mac at all in your OP.

Hey, if you start over I don’t think anyone will be seriously injured!

You could close your poll and put the new one in your OP above it, that way the responses won’t be lost.

What do you think about doing it like this, including PCs:

click to view

add this

close this

Hey @Steve, I tried to implement the above, but got an error saying I had to name the polls.

Not sure how to do that. Do you know?

Check out your post now, and you can see how I added the name attribute after seeing the dialog

Great, thank you!

I removed “Mac” from the name of the post

Although it looks like we lost the results of the original poll

Oh crap! :exploding_head:

They are gone.

Edit - I had an screen shot of the old poll, luckily, how’s that look? Edit as you wish!

Haha, well at least you had the screenshot. Thanks for all your help!

12.0.40 is stable for me (Windows AMD Ryzen), but buggy. I made a post about it the other day, but when I zoom into multiple tracks of audio, the UI gets choppy/laggy. This didn’t happen before.

edit: Sorry, I’m referring to Nuendo, not Cubase. On the wrong forum haha.

Votes my M1 macbook pro stable again :slight_smile:

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