Is 12.0.40 Stable? (Poll)

Just trying to get a survey of how many people have upgraded and are having issues

  • 12.0.40 is stable (Windows Intel )
  • 12.0.40 is unstable (Windows Intel )

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  • 12.0.40 is stable (Windows AMD)
  • 12.0.40 is unstable (Windows AMD)

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  • 12.0.40 is stable (Apple Silicon)
  • 12.0.40 is unstable (Apple Silicon)

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  • 12.0.40 is stable (Mac Intel)
  • 12.0.40 is unstable (Mac Intel)

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Its not really a very good poll because most people come her because they have issues.

Its like going to get a flat tyre fixed on a car and while your there polling other customers asking if they like their tyres. At that moment they might all say no.

Then extrapolating that result to all tyres in the world are faulty lol.


@RTT1, I was just about to make the same point.

It’s still fun to watch, and as of this moment it’s 57% positive. (I voted Intel Stable)

Oh, and tires. :innocent:

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@steve I voted M1 stable but Intel stable getting over 50% on a support site is a very good result :slight_smile:

I totally get that it’s biases, and that usually people that have issues are “louder” than people without. But I still thought it might be interesting.

Personally I’m gonna upgrade (I’m M1) in a week or two when I’m done with a project.

Also in general I would kinda love it if this type of poll happened every upgrade cycle, but maybe that would only result in people who have issues voting… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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@rockdude9k its interesting and I contributed as soon as I saw it :slight_smile:

So far 12.0.40 stable is looking good! Hope it stays on top,

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I should get two votes. lol

We have two 27” Intel iMacs (2015 and 2020) that are running Cubase Pro 12.0.40 with no problems…they are both very stable systems for us.

My guess is that there are quite a few users that come here just to read the posts but do not post themselves since they have no issues.


Haha well that’s good to know!

Interesting that so far it’s mostly positive, I totally thought there would be an issues bias. Like discussed above

As I said in an earlier post, I suspect that there are many
I suspect that there are many forum members that rarely post because they are not experiencing issues. The majority of posts are from users who are experiencing issues and need help. I tend to view forums whenever new versions of my various software programs and/or plugins are released to see what issues people are reporting so I can determine if there is any reason to upgrade our two studio computers.

I try to post our experience, along with our system specs, when new versions are released, especially if we are not experiencing the types of issues that various users are reporting so they can compare our system specs to theirs. Hopefully, that info will help them troubleshoot their issues.

Computers, operating systems, hardware audio interfaces, DAW software, plugins and all the other components of a modern-day audio workstation are so complex that it’s a wonder that it works at all. Right now we are going through a period when major changes are occurring with hardware (Apple Silicon, etc.), operating systems (MacOS and Windows), DAW software audio engine optimization and Copy protection, audio interface hardware driver optimization, and major plugin rewrites which results in so much variability from system to system that it’s inevitable that some systems work and some won’t depending on those variables inherent in that one system. This makes troubleshooting very hard.

Hopefully change will slow down and stability will eventually improve. Until then, there will be some people who are frustrated and resort to pointing fingers in all directions when they are unable to solve their problems…that is human nature.

This poll, as unscientific as it is, is good because it shows that some systems are stable so there is hope that unstable systems can be modified to work well.

Have a great day! Happy music making.


Totally agree with the massive amount of variables, and you’re right, it’s a testament to the developers that all this tech works together so well!

I’m sure many people know this already, but for the uninitiated, it’s always good to wait to do an upgrade (unless your specific issue is addressed) in the middle of a project. OS, DAW, plug-ins included in that statement.

That being said, I’m a big proponent of keeping your system up to date. Developers release new versions for a reason and their hard work is reflected in those releases. Just maybe wait until you’re not on a deadline :smile:

I’m probably preaching to the choir with the above, lol

Your advice is great advice. We totally agree with all you said.

We are very careful and only upgrade when we are very sure we are not likely to have issues. We tend to stay one OS version behind until another new OS is coming soon. We just moved to Monterey a couple months ago. Even then. We always update our Studio B iMac first (the lesser used studio for live recording and time sensitive project mixing, and run that system for a month or so before we do the same to our Studio A iMac. We also have full cloned backups of each computer hard drive before we complete an update. We keep the clones until we update the next major update. We also have Time Machine backups too.

So far, in 12 years we have run our studio, we have not run into serious issues that caused production stoppages or slow-downs. Knock on wood! lol

Have a great day.

Just need some improvements for the next update. Now this version 12.0.40 I found very stable. Congratulations!

A program can be stable and still be buggy …
So a poll with a question “is Cubase buggy?” would most likely yield different numbers :wink:

Fair enough :slight_smile:

But there probably isn’t a way to do a truly scientific poll on here. I just wanted a general idea of peoples experiences. Maybe it will help some other people, maybe it’s too general :man_shrugging:

I voted unstable. But it is more buggy. It has crashed but more it’s just quirky. So I don’t trust in. I’m using 12.0.10 and I can live with the occasional PLE crashes.

It’s pretty stable here. My machine isn’t in the poll, BTW. It’s AMD Ryzen/Windows 11. Nevertheless, I’m currently in the phase of removing some of my synths to lessen Cubase’s load although I’m not sure if that really matters.

This outcome is the same since Cubase VST 3.7 in 1999 :slight_smile:

Ok Stable :+1: (intel machine)
Intel(R) Core™ i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz

Yeah, the poll is organized a bit wrongly… it would have to have separate sections for Intel, AMD, Apple Silicon, Apple Intel. And for the old folks, Apple Motorola!

Ahhh you’re totally right…I forgot about every one on PC’s :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: