Is 6.5 update a full install?


I’m currently reformatting my PC, reinstalling windows etc.

Do I need to install Cubase 6 first or is everything on the 6.5 update please?

Prefer to install full versions rather than install an older version and update it, but maybe that’s me being paranoid :slight_smile:



Hi Joe,

the Cubase 6.5 download is an update to Cubase 6.0. Please first install Cubase 6.0 off your installation disc, then run the 6.5 udpate installer.

Thanks and enjoy Cubase 6.5!

Many thanks Sebastian


I installed the 6.5 exe without the 6.0 DVD without problems (clean Windows installation).

I doubt that, the 6.5 installer is a bit small to contain all of Cubase.

Well, I didn’t install Halion Sonic or any extra sounds etc. But I did install the update without installing Cubase 6 DVD first.

I wonder if anything is missing, and if so what is?

Anyone knows, is it possible to have both versions accessible? 6.05 and 6.5? I am working with two eLicencers, and updated just one for now. I want to run v.6.05 still on the same machine with another key. Is it possible?

As far as I know, the 6.05 version gets overwritten by 6.5, so on the same machine with two different licenses won’t work, since 6.05 is no longer present.