Is 64 bit processing really worth the CPU hit

After having the latest 9.5 update for weeks now I am scratching my head on whether the 64 bit processing option is worth the CPU hit. Wondering if I am really hearing anything above what my dog fido can hear. :slight_smile:

Others thoughts in this regards?

( I know it only affects the plugs processing…)

Its reduced CPU hit here


not huge here but about 7-10%. Guess i am just lucky. :frowning:

Seems strange one would get REDUCED given 32 to 64 bit - perhaps it likes being ‘native’ 64 bit on a 64 bit OS? THEN, why am I seeing a little ‘hit’??

CPU usage is reduced if a large amount of the plugins used in a project are VST3 that support 64 bit audio output.

Go to the VST Plug-in Manager and select “Show Plug-ins That Support 64-Bit Processing” to see which plugins will benefit.

I did this and only Steinberg Plugs showed…interesting.
I really need to rethink the whole 64bit instance.

Wondering if it’s worth the headache for the minimal gain…would love to have a fully 64bit supported DAW, I mean…it’s 2018 and we’re still tinkering with settings… Gotta now check all my plugins.

That would be it then, I’m all 64 bit vst3


Getting CPU reduction here.

The same here.

Same here :slight_smile:

Yup… the same. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Does that means also that if i would use vst 2.5 vst plugins in 64 engine cpu wont go up when i used it in 32 bit engine as previous settings. Iam noob to cubase. I juzt got 9.5 version. Lots to learn

No cpu hit here - very happy with 64-bit.

Depends I would say, the vst3 plugins that do 64Bit float calculations internally (that is an option the manufacturer has to make)
Don’t have to convert 32bit float to 64Bit float and back again, that saves cpu cycles.
Waves vst3 plugins do this convention regardless, even if you are sending them 64Bit float and they internally calculate in 64Bit float.
It is worth to mention that the external FX ping, is broken when in 64Bit mode.i guess we could use the 32 bit mode to ping the external FX, write the values down, use the 64 bit mode and insert the ping values by hand.

Loading up VST 3 versions of plugs (and not the VST2) seems to have helped (the 2’s were a holdover from previous templates.) Thanks everyone.

What if I use a mix of Cubase plugins + VST2 plugins? Would be still worth going 64 bit?

Also, I have a bunch of Waves plugins (CLA-76, CLA-2A, REDD, ADT, TG12345). If those plugins are Vst3, why they are not listed as plugins that support 64 bit processing?