Is ALAC (apple lossless) supported by Cubase 6.5?

…or are there plans for support? Can’t seem to locate a list of supported file formats.

Aloha d,

IMHO I doubt it.

I too have been looking for info on this
and the most I could find (at MySteinberg) is info about
new Cubase 6.5 support for ‘Flac’ files along with WAV,AIFF and PCM.

Nothing about ALAC.

Find that info here:


I was surprised when Cubase 6.5 introduced a native FLAC workflow. ALAC is not too dissimilar to FLAC and Apple has made ALAC open source so I don’t see too many obstacles to making happen. It is just a matter of whether Steinberg thinks it is important enough to go to the effort of implementing it.

While a direct ALAC export would be nice in Cubase, it is pretty easy to export good old .wav’s, import them into your iTunes library, convert them to Apple Lossless then delete the .wav’s once complete so you don’t have duplicates. It is a few more steps, but it isn’t too painful…