Is anybody using Win 11 able to save a dual screen layout in WL12.0.10?

I still can’t save a dual screen project window. Is it Win 11? Cubase 12 can save this dual screen setup.

Please give more details. Here it works.

PG1, if this works for you then I’m stumped. WL11 works as expected here, but WL12 does not. And, FWIW, Cubase 13 works as expected, too.

I did uninstall and reinstall the original WL12, and the behavior didn’t change. However, I have not done that with the latest download version 12.0.10. Is this worth a try?

You should of course use 12.0.10, but that won’t help for your case.
Please tell me your screen setup.

OK, two P2719H Dell monitors, HDMI connected via AMD graphics card w/latest driver, 100% scale, display resolution 1920 x 1080, refresh rate 60Hz

What else do you need?

And what exactly is not restored?

Not sure what you are asking at this point? Are you asking what did not get restored to my setup when I updated from WL11 to WL12? If this is this is your question, then the answer is that nothing changed within my PC

I even found the original saved ‘dual screen’ project shortcut from WL11 and copied it to the WL12 ‘saved’ settings folder - and it did not deliver a two monitor project window like it does in WL11.

However, what did you mean here, “what exactly is not restored?”

Further… If you are asking how I create a saved workspace, I do what I always have done, drag the single project screen across my two monitors and then save it. Then I go to the ‘default’ single screen and WL creates a single screen project. Then I open the workspace folder and select my saved dual screen project file - and nothing changes, it remains a single screen project.

I see. There seems to be a misunderstanding then.
A project does not save a screen layout. A project saves a file group arrangement. This is not the same thing.

If you want to save/restore a multi-screen layout, you have to use this sub-menu:


Alright, PG1, let me restate things. I do, indeed, go to the ‘Layout’ tab as you suggest. As far as I know, there are no options to save a project screen within the Full Screen tab. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. But since you took me here, why wouldn’t the ‘Full Screen/ Enlarge the window as much as possible’ option take into account the use of two monitors when a user is using two monitors? For that matter, might the problem be that for some reason the Workspace function/program will only recognize one monitor?

Ah, but then you tell me this function works on your two monitor setup.

Is it video time?

There is no layout tab. There is a Workspace sub-menu, as below, that you need to use:

This is an interesting back and forth. Did you not read that I have no problem saving a dual monitor preset in WL11? Unless you have changed the method that a user would use to create a dual monitor preset in WL12, then please know that I am performing the exact same actions in either program - and - while I can save a two monitor preset in WL11, I cannot save the same in WL12.

What you label as a ‘Workspace sub-menu’ is most certainly what I am using to create a dual monitor preset - no matter what I may have incorrectly called it. Further, although I can create a DAT file in the WindowLayout4 folder that represents a dual screen preset, WL12 cannot recall what I had saved. When I click on the saved (dual monitor) DAT file, all I get is the WL Project on one monitor.

Communication issue :wink: By “dual screen” maybe you mean, the WaveLab main window “extended over two screens”? What I meant, is the WaveLab main window on one screen and a secondary Condtrol window on another screen (eg. to tool windows).

In that case, yes I see a difference between WaveLab 11 and 12. This would need to be investigated.

Again, interesting. Am I hearing that the project window extended across two monitors was never the intent of the WL program? That it existed in past versions as an accident? In which case I can understand why my post is/was so confusing.

This said, currently, if I load my Master Section with plugins and then move my plugin GUIs to the second screen - and then close WL - those GUIs will appear again on the 2nd monitor when I open WL. All the while, the project window stays on one monitor - even if I extended it across the two monitors before closing WL.

Another thing that occurs to me, PG1, you have changed the plugin headers to be blue instead of the former black. This was something I have wanted for years because when the plugin GUI header was dbl clicked it became lost on the black background of the Project. If your intention was to create better visibility of the dbl clicked plugin header in the Project window, why suddenly limit the width of the Project window? Ha, but I may have developed bad habits, here, Alt + F9 has it’s moments.

Yes. Having the main workspace span across two screens means the continuity of the montage or wave editors is typically divided in the middle, which is not so nice.

However, WaveLab introduces the concept of Control Windows (up to 4), allowing any tool window or meter window to be docked. A Control Window can be maximized on a secondary screen, and the entire layout can be saved and restored. This means the workspace maximized on one screen and the Control Window on another screen. This is the recommended way to organize one’s windows.

And green, orange, red for the montage plugin window caption bars.

I had no intention of limiting this width. Simply put, WaveLab was not designed with this in mind. This also means that this wide extension was not tested. And since it relies on a third-party module, this makes the issue more difficult to check and fix.


Thank you for this explanation, all of it, PG1. I will try to make some adjustments here. Still, I’m not quite ready for a single 32-42" Project monitor setup - and this would be perhaps the real benefit of the changes in WL12.