Is ASIO the only accepted i/o audio device?

Good evening, ladys and gentlemen
I’ve got some serious issues concerning Wavelab and its supported audio devices.
Is there a way of simply using the PC audio devices or do I always need to go for the detour via ASIO?

My current System:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • USB interface UR22c
  • USB Microfone HyperX Quadcast

Affected Software:

  • Wavelab Elements V. 11.1

Wavelab issues:

  • When going to Preferences/audio connection the only available audio devices are
  • Generic low latency ASIO Driver
  • Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO
    and that’s it. How about WASAPI, Direct sound or Realtek audio as output device?

Or How about selecting my USB-Mic or virtual devices like stereomix as direct input devices?
while the Yamaha Steinberg Driver ASIO doesn’t seem to accept any other i/o devices than the UR22, which is somhow plausible,
the only workaround to add other devices than UR22 seems to be like choosing the generic Low Latency ASIO driver and adding some new Buses.

THERE I may chose between the above mentioned stuff. Partially at least and in theory.
Practically it doesn’t work at all, at least for the input devices. I get no sound.

Also, I’d like Wavelab being able to share it’s audio device.
currently, as soon as I tab out or switch the window while Wavelab is playing music, it immideately stops playing or gets muted, which is pretty annoying.
I tried giving it exclusive acces as being an ASIO host, but as soon as I check the relating box in the generic ASIO settings, my UR22 interface disappears from the I/O settings, which is pointless since it’s needed as output device.

What am I doing wrong?

The generic ASIO driver seems to be a bit bugged as well. could it be?
Because after changing the ASIO driver setting one or two times or switching between Yamaha and generic either the driver or Wavelab decides to chrash, resulting in all audio device disappearing

Maybe it’s just me being dumb and inexperienced but:
Jez, I never expected Steinberg software becoming such a pain in the ass.

I really don’t want to use ASIO any more when working with wavelab. It’s horrible.
So is there a way to enable the regular PC audio devices in Wavelab again?

It’s totally beyond my imagination that every single Audio Editor on the market exept Wavelab does support a direct audio device selection.
So I must have done something wrong, right?

Also: Can everyone recommend a good tutorial about how to set up Wavelab 11?
Preferably in english or german language.

WaveLab 9 was the last version to have MME audio support. WaveLab has never supported WASAPI. ASIO is the standard for Steinberg software on Windows.

The most reliable way ahead would likely be connecting an XLR microphone to your UR22c, and then use the UR22c’s ASIO driver.

However, to use your USB microphone, you really only have two options - Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver or ASIO4All. On some systems, ASIO4All works better than Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, so I would try that next.

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Thank you for you kind answer and sorry about the rant.
I was a bit salty about the situation.

I’m going to follow your advice and I’m going to install a previous Version of Wavelab and I hope I’m getting it activated.
Seems to be the most convenient way.

I try to add my question here - in short:
I have a HyperX QuadCast USB microphone. I cannot seem to make it work - even be recognized by WaveLab Elements 11 - am I doing something wrong or is it just the wrong software? (which would be a huge dissappointment)

Did you try the Generic Low Latency driver, that is selectable from the WaveLab Audio Connections config?