Is "Audio to MIDI Converter" possible in Cubase?

I’m no keyboardist and want to record virtual instruments by guitar like:

Reaper ReaTune Audio to MIDI Converter in REAPER (Guitar to MIDI) - YouTube or
MIDI GUITAR 2 ALL you need to know about MIDI Guitar 2 in 2022 - YouTube

Reaper was already able to do this since 10 years ago and I think Cubase should be too. I’m talking about the “LIVE” MIDI conversion and not the audio “RECORDED” source to MIDI feature like using variaudio.

That is not possible in Cubase, but there are some great and free plugins out there.
Check it out : Dodo MIDI 2 - Dodo Bird Music

Note that if you use Dodo MIDI, you don’t have to use the second instance as shown in the tutorial video. You need only the one instance on the audio track. It works very well with clean monophonic signals. Don’t use processed signals with reverb, delay, chorus etc, as this will mess with the pitch detection and you’ll get awful results.
The second instance if for modulating the volume of the instrument in relation with the input audio, but it doesn’t seem to work great. I have tried it years ago, and now v2 is out it’s still bad, unless I’m not doing it right, but, stay with one instance and you’re good to go :wink:

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Thank you for the info! I tried this but it detects wrong notes and CC (pickup position) is weirdly always moving on MODO BASS. On the other hand MIDI Guitar 2 works very well effortlessly.