Is bus state be stored as part of component state?

The docs for IComponent::getState/setState both refer to saving/loading the “complete state of component”. Does this include the speaker arrangement and activated state of each bus?

Or should these be managed and persisted by the host?

This is the job of the host. It must set the plug-in into the same state and setting bus arrangements and activating busses are something the plug-in cannot do by its own.

Thanks @Arne_Scheffler,

That’s what I assumed but the wording of the documentation on getState/setState caused some doubt.


In some situations the plug-in may have to save its arrangements like upmix or downmix plug-ins, with for example preset for 5.1=>stereo or 5.1=>4.0.
But for the main use case, like Arne mentioned, this is job of the host which controls where the plug-in is integrated in its mixer routing graph.