Is C13 recommended with sonoma 14.1?

Hi is C13 recommended to use with macOS Sonoma 14.1?

Is C12.0.7 ok to use with sonoma ?

Cubase 13 seems snappier on Sonoma to me than Cubase 12 was.


Please look at the System Requirements web page. Supported are macOS 12 and 13 only at this moment.

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MacOS 14.1 is not ok with C12.07 to me. I can record and mix my tracks but I have audio export issues so can’t finish any of my projects.

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So are you running 14.1 ok with c13 ?


Me too. My exports are glitching. I even upgraded to C13 thinking it will solve the glitches but the issue still persists

Same here, my exports are glitching.


This is your original post, right?

This thread is not about the audio glitches on export. Please, don’t hijack it.

Hi there! I had big problems with C12.07 and MacOS 14.1, so I needed to roll it back to MacOS 13.
That’s why I am hoping for a fix in C13. Can anybody tell me if the graphic problem is still existing after the update to C13 and Sonoma?

It’s a shame that CB13 isn’t compatible with an OS that was out before CB was released, and is the current OS.
And i can confirm CB13 with 14.1 can just disappear at random times.


Shortly before Cubase 13, there was still only macOS 14.0 out, where the bad graphical issue was identified. So it wasn’t testable. Steinberg had to wait for the macOS update, to be able to test it.

Do you have a repro? Do you have *.ips files, please?

14.0 wsa ok, 14.1 has some problems with mouse drawing, mouse positioning. 14.1.1 was released today ( nov 7 ) that fixed at least some of these problems. so far so good on 14.2b1 but it lacks the mouse fix patches, so maybe tomorrow

Hi Martin.
Yes, you already have them from me from another thread.


Could you link it, please?

What is the point of this post, if you made another one already?

Are you running Apple Silicon ?

What the Latest problem with 14.1.1 ? can you export ok I read there are problems with that as well a GUI and Mouse

Did you see the title of this thread?
I was replying to the person that asked the question. Isn’t that what we are here to do, or would Steinberg prefer people not to get involved in the forums?
Steinberg have got my crash files and have acknowledged Sonoma is not supported, and you did the same in my thread.
I’m not here to discuss my issues, nor i asking for help here.

I understand that now (November 8th) Cubase 13 is officially supported on macOS Sonoma 14.1



You are right.

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So is C13 compatible with sonoma ?


Please, have a look at the sheet I linked. What is unclear from this sheet, please?

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