Is CC 121 still available?


I am trying to buy a CC121 controller for Cubase - on the website it says it is available through participating dealers in many regions around the globe but I am looking for quite some time and could not find one on the internet in Europe. Has someone seen when one can buy it?


I recently purchased one on eBay. There are lots of them available as a rule, both new and used. Mostly from Japan. Pricy, though!



Indeed i can see them though it looks like almost twice the original price for the used controller. If we add logistics from Japan it is hard to swallow :slight_smile:

Decent-ish prices show up… I paid less than retail for my used one (very good condition), and the shipping was free. Maybe it’s more complicated getting one to Europe… I had a saved search going for several months before I actually went ahead and bought it (wanted to make sure my MC Control was cold and dead before shelling out the $$ for something else). It seemed as if the better used units were selling for what the new ones retailed for out here, back when you could get them. New ones are going for much more (as you’ve seen).

Good luck!


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Got one faster than expected - arrived today :):slight_smile: am having fun!


how to install cc121 without dics???

Hmm, for some reason the page is shown in german, don’t worry, it will be there in english as well.