Is Cubase 5.5.3 compatible with maverick

I wanted to know if Cubase 5.5.3 is compatible with mavericks? I am currently on 10.6.8

I’m currently using Cubase Studio 5 (updated to 5.5.3), but I guess they’re pretty equal in software/OS compatibility. It does run in Mavericks, but as you can see in my first post on this forum ( ) I have problems with it quitting unexpectedly every time I use it. Plus, of course, I can’t use my Audio Kontrol 1 external sound card, as the sound is popping, cracking, lagging, freezing the screen, and I have to kill the computer with the power button to get it to work again.

Thus, from my very limited knowledge, since I’ve only owned a mac for a couple of weeks, I’d suggest you wait with the Mavericks update until all the sound-related problems are fixed, because this is just nasty.

Aloha c,

I am using C5.5.3 with Mavericks with no probs at all.

I also have C6.5 and C7.5 on the same 'puter and all is well with each one.

Good Luck!