...is Cubase 6.0.7 compatible with Windows 10?

Hi, :smiley:

As the title reads, I am wondering if this old Cubase ver. is going to work with W.10โ€™

I have not upgraded because Cubase 6 is perfect (and even more than I need) for the kind of work I do, so I do not see the need for upgrading, but would like to have my OS updated to 10.


Thanks for any help

I am also wondering about Win 10 since I have almost the same identical setup as you! I also

donโ€™t desire to upgrade Cubase 6 without good cause!

My searches reveal that in the English forum, under computer/studio hdware, refer to an

email about: elicenser not working with Win10 Tech Preview. Also, check the Knowledge Base

for Win 8/8.1, PC/Cubase/Cubase and youโ€™ll see articles 361 and 333 which refer to Cubase 6

and those 2 Win versions. The significance here is that Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 all are based on

the Windows NT Technology, so there is a common thread. This MAY mean that Cubase 6 will run

on Win10, since it appears to be Ok with Win8.

Iโ€™ve sent Tech Support a note today about this issue and await their response.