Is Cubase Elements MIDI every bit as good as C6

Sounds like a silly question … but

I use C6 on my main PC workstation and I also have an iMac I currently use for writing ideas in using MIDI instruments in Logic 8 Pro.

Thing is, it’s a PITA exporting MIDI all the time from Logic to Cubase to continue the project with tracking audio etc,
I can’t afford to buy another copy of Cubase 6 for my iMac so I was thinking of buying from the on-line shop Cubase Elements fro my iMac then I can write in Cubase Elements and simply open the file in Cubase 6.

Is the MIDI side of Cubase Elements every bit as good and tight as Cubase 6 itself?

As another option. I was thinking of simply installing Cubase 6 on my iMac and moving the Steinberg USB dongle between machines, but I’m worried about how that might effect the dongle long term with all the moving about!


I think you’ll be ok either way you go. If you have an old dongle consider buying a new one just in case but the failure rate is pretty low and these things are pretty strong items. If the case is trashed I think the data remains on the chip.

Isn’t a new dongle a lot cheaper than Cubase Elements anyway? I think this is one of the only good things about a dongle: install where ever you want and just move you dongle for convenience between laptop and desktop … or whatever.


Thanks for the replies

Yes, I think your right I’ll just move the dongle between machines. I can stick the dongle on a little USB extension like I do with my iLok that way it helps save the dongle from all the inserting and removing.

I think I’m worrying to much, as you say the dongle is designed to be moved.


IIRC, Cubase 6 Elements uses a software licenser. You wouldn’t need to move the dongle around. I think that was the point for them to release the elements version was for mobile solutions.

You could get a MIDI “extension cord” (i.e. just a foot long one) and attach the dongle permanently to it and then the extension would be abused rather than the dongle. Or a small USB “hub” to stick the eLicenser into and then use a regular USB cord when you move the hub between the computers, to achieve the same as above.


I should have asked before … so why would you need to buy another copy of C6? Just install the C6 you already own on your laptop and move the dongle.

Looks like the tip of the day is get a midi extension cable and “dangle your dongle.”


A dongle dangle dongle saver…