Is Cubase elements need a elicenser?

I bought Cubase elements 10 before. After I entered the activation code,the program said I don’t have a elicenser.
But only Cubase pro and artist need the elicenser right?Or Cubase elements need it too?What should I do now?
Can anyone tell me?

Cubase Elements uses a SOFTWARE eLicenser (not the USB eLicenser). You need to install the Elicenser Control Center and it will create a Soft eLicense on the hard drive.

I already installed the Elicenser Control Center. But I can not find my Soft-elicenser. When I open Elicenser Control Center,it is empty.

Good luck getting support. you might need to buy it again

Did you enter your activation code?

Problem: missing Soft-eLicenser
In rare cases, the Soft-eLicenser cannot be created during the installation. If the Soft-eLicenser is missing the activation code needed for the permanent activation of the program cannot be requested. Downloading licenses is also not possible without a Soft-eLicenser (unless a USB-eLicenser is connected).


The utility ‘eLC Installation Helper’ available below reinstalls the eLicenser Control Center while making sure that the needed and unique Soft-eLicenser will be created.

Please follow these instructions: