is cubase going backwards ?

Hi, I have C6.5.1 but when I open a project it says 6.5 at the top of the app…shouldn’t it say 6.5.1 ? anyway…when I try to open a project that was made with 6.5.1 I’m told it can not open it because it was made with Cubase 1 times ( meaning the times arithmatic symbol which I dont have on my computer ) I reupdated Cubase but same problem, can anybody shed any light on this please ?, cubase seems to have backdated itself…thanks, Kevin

Don’t worry. Read all the manuals. Look at the “About Cubase” in the right hand menu column.
Capital X usually does the times job. :laughing: That’s how I can tell you’re pretty new at this. You’re in for a bit of hard work for a couple of years. The forum might be helpful sometimes but the manuals are your friends.

I have the same issue with some of my projects, but not that many.
C6 won’t open the project as it says it was created with Cubase 1, which it was not…

Ok…so onwards and upwards…