Is Cubase LE free?

Hi! Just like that. I want to know if Cubase LE is a free software. If I bought an Audio Interface and comes with Cubase LE does that mean is free? That I can use it “forever” with my Activation Code? Or do I have to buy a new code to upgrade it? What does LE stands for? Thanks for Reading.

Yes, you can use it without buying any new activation code. I guess LE means light edition.

Finally! Thank you very much my friend, I mean it. Thank you. (:

FYI… Cubase LE comes with either (I forget) no .mp3 mixdown capability or a limited number of .mp3 mixdowns. If you want unlimited .mp3 mixdowns you will have to purchase the .mp3 patch.

Here is the link if interested (please read it to make sure your Cubase LE version is supported… it should be).

Have fun with your Cubase. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks man! I did knew about the .mp3 thing, but maybe some other time. I’m in the middle of recording and all I want is to know that my copy of Cubase is free and that nothing is wrong, but maybe in a couple of months I will buy that .mp3 unlimited stuff. (: Thanks anyway.

Hi, I have Dorico 3.5 and downloaded Cubase LE 11, to open the Cubase it asks me for an activation code, where do I get one?

Cubase LE is bundled OEM software. The license is included with certain non-Steinberg/Yamaha hardware.