Is Cubase not compatible with 3 screen setup??


I have just installed Cubase Pro 10.5.20 on my new Computer.
Im running 3 screens on a Nvidea RTX 2080 card. The 3 screens act as one big screen 5760x1080 with Nvidea Surround enabled.

When I start up Cubase 10.5 everything is fine.
It starts up maximizing the top menu bare over the 3 screens.
The acual project is also on 3 screens and I can pull the project from one screen to the other.

However if I try to move the top bar in Cubase ( with the menu screen) in order only to have cubase on one screen, the whole Cubase starts flicker ( blink) and Cubase locks completely. Only way to get out is to press ctrl-alt-delete.

Is Cubase not compatible with 3 screen setup??
Is there a setting in cubase I should apply?

Can anyone help?

Best regards

Running 4 screens without any issues here. Although the top Cubase Bar is only on 1 not 3 screens - which is what I’d expect. Cubase doesn’t control any of this, Windows does. I’d check that you’re display driver is up to date and also take an in depth look at your Window’s Display Settings.

There are a bunch of folks here who use multiple displays.

Running 3 screens here with no problems but i am pretty sure that this Nvidia Surround thing is not the way. I simply use the Windows screen settings and every screen has its own native resolution with only one being the official desktop monitor.

Slightly off topic, but please bear with me…

I attempted to get a 3 screen system working this morning: laptop, TV and ultrawide screen. I can get both the laptop>TV and laptop>monitor over HDMI, but (although research suggested it was possible) I can’t get the monitor to receive a signal over USB.

Available connections:
laptop: USB 3.0, VGA, HDMI
Monitor: USB 3.0, 2 HDMI, DP

Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

Cool topic. I am currently running a decent AMD X570 card and have two ASUS 25" monitors on the display port set to 2560 x 1440. I want to add a third monitor that is smaller, and does not need to be high rez, specficially for my RME tools to live. the total mix and the digicheck. Does cubase play well with a 3 monitor being a different rez and much smaller thant he main two? a small 10" monitor would even be great for me running a basic 1280 resolution.

3 monitors here with an old Radion HD7790 card ,no problem

Currently all my monitors are the same resolution and that really is the smoothest to use. However I used to have 2 different resolutions and that generally works OK. But I found it pretty annoying to move the mouse between different size monitors (this is in general, not Cubase specific) - when you are on the larger monitor and try to move to the smaller one the cursor can get stuck at the larger monitor’s edge if the smaller monitor doesn’t ‘exist’ beyond the edge boundary.

When I first got my music computer (PC) I had three different monitor each of different sizes, which is probably not very convenient. Also I run an AMD Radeon R7 200 which I chose because it had 3 display connections. It took me a while to work out how to get all three screens working. In the end I had to run one on a VGA connector, another on a display port connector and the last via HDMI. I tried the big screen display and for me that was a nightmare and I opted for the three screen setup. The advantage of that is that I could keep the windows in the same place.

The wider of the 3 screens I use for the arrange page the next size down for the mixer and the smaller one I use for editing or sometimes to extend the arrange page. The downside is the the tool bar takes up screen space. Any window has to be shorted vertically so as to keep it visible. This means that if you run the arrange page over all three there is a space at the top over the other two screens. Which is why I opted for the 3 screen setup with the tool bar on the scree with the mixer. You can save the screen setups and so far I have not had an issue with it. I must admiy it took me quite a while to sort it out. I spent a fair amount on the computer, but I guess it would have made more sense to buy 3 monitors the same size or buy to wide ones. Oh well I am happy enough with it now I have got used to it.

I can move the tool bar to any of the screens and the windows move to accommodate it. It has not crashed in the 3 screen setup. I haven’t tried moving it in single screen setup

Nvidia Surround is really problematic, I tried it once and had several programs misbehaving. My advice would be to turn it off.