Is Cubase Score Editor enough?

I’ve been using MuseScore for any notation work and have decided I might aswell give Cubase’s notation a go.

What I can’t find though, is what am I limited to by notating in Cubase as opposed to Dorico? Is there anything essential I can’t do if I’m just scoring Piano pieces (not full orchestral or multi instrument work).



For your use case there’s always Dorico SE which is free. Here: Dorico SE: Free music notation software | Steinberg

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Hi António,
Brilliant! I wasn’t aware this was free, thank you!

Although, what I still want to know is, what can Dorico do that Cubase can’t, especially Dorico SE?

Is there a point in having Dorico SE if I have Cubase Pro 11? (As in, is the notation system in Cubase just as good?)

Sorry I can’t help you with that, I’ve never used Cubase’s score editor. Dorico SE is a safe bet though, it’s free and it’s a great piece of software.

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I’ll download it tonight and give it a go, thanks again!

If you print scores Dorico is supposed to be useful but for composing the score editor is said to be good enough. As far as I have understood it, I’m not a heavy score editor user.

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There is not much you can’t do with the Score Editor, and it has the quality of being particularly intuitive.
Try both and decide which one is most comfortable for you.


Thanks for the replies! I tried out Dorico SE and it seems to do everything I need and feels a bit more straight forward than the Score Editor within Cubase.

Thanks again!