Is cubase the best Daw ?

Cubase might be just as well the best DAW out there but in my opinion needs some serious improvements :

  • The Always on top feature must be default for all windows may be i want the score editor in another monitor
    it is so frustrating having the editor windows “prisoners” in the project window it is so unproductive
  • Full Drag and drop anything to anything and also to the desktop
  • A better smoother 3D scroling bar not the stepping jagged motion that it has now.,
  • A text track for putting notes on the project ,
  • A score track so i can display score notation instead of bar lines (there are real musicians reading scores you know)
  • the in place editor to be able to display also score , drum and list editors.,
  • Merge the Beat designer and the drum editor in a new hybrid , what’s the purpose of having 2 serving the same thing ?
  • Color theme presets , (this was advertized in Cubase 6 while it was not available )
  • Midi combo destinations: that is one composite midi device like a studio patch made up of different midi outputs with
    keyboard ranges and different channels , velocity switching , layering make the studio work like a big modular synthesizer
  • A simpler appearance so it does not distruct the composer to other thoughts also some GUI redesign such as on the velocity bar lines on the editor windows ( too thick )
  • A return at left locator command on stop
  • Mixer presets so i can A / B switch etc etc …

I hope steinberg team is listening and comment please