Is Cubase's Audio Output choice that limited?

How come Cubase offers so little choice (actually, no choice at all) when selecting the audio output on my PC? My PC has 3 types of USB ports (10 in total), 6 plugs for sound at the back (of which 1 stereo), and a headphone jack at the front, but Cubase in the “Audio output” set-up only lists the 1 stereo plug in the back as a choice. What’s the point of being able to create all these busses, if you have only one output choice??

I have the uncomfortable feeling Steinberg is trying to push me towards one of their (expensive) USB external hardware boxes, if e.g. I simply want to use headphones.

They are not trying to push you to their specific audio interface, but you should consider getting a proper audio interface. I’t doesn’t have to be a Steinberg model though.
Not sure about your specific issue, but my best guess is that it has do with something about not having a specific ASIO driver for on board audio chips, not sure though.

You didn’t mention which Cubase version you have, but try go to Studio menu and then studio setup and then tell us which driver Cubase are using?

Thanks for the reply. Cubase Elements 9.5. I started with installing the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO USB driver, but that gave a “cannot open device” message when I selected it in studio set-up. I then downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver. When I select it, the audio output stops. MIDI input continues to work. The only driver that works (both Audio output and MIDI input) is the Generic ASIO driver. So I can only use that one.

I don’t have a dedicated audio card in my PC, just the audio that’s on the motherboard. It’s a gaming mother (MSI X370) so I suppose it should be OK in the sound department.

Okay, so in same menu under VST audio system where you select the driver… When you select ASIO4ALL there should be a menu just under VST Audio System, probably called ASIO4ALL, can you see and select your inputs there?

Also, whit ASIO4ALL driver selected. Try go to Studio menu and then Audio connection (The top of the studio menu). Then see if you can add your inputs and outputs. It’s likely you have to do this manually because you are not using an audio interface with a specific ASIO driver.

If have attached a screen grab of the Studio Set-up. Can’t find the menu you mentioned.

However, under the “Audio Output” new choices have appeared! Speakers 3,4,5,6,7,8. I’m trying them …

You can find both…

  1. Just at the screenshot, right under VST audio connection there is a submenu called ASIO4ALL v2. Try to click that.

  2. Close that windows in the screen shot, then go to studio menu again and now select Audio connections or simply hit F4.

“ASIO4ALL v2” is just the name of the selection I made. It’s not a submenu.

Look at this to see what i mean. In my case it’s just not ASIO4ALL but Preonus ASIO driver.

Yes it is! The “ASIO4AL v2” to the left, not the one on the right (which is the selection you made). As KHS has also indicated whilst I was typing.

IT WORKS! After selecting “ASIO4ALL” in the studio set-up, in “Audio Output Connections” there were 3 new pairs of speakers to choose from. The first pair works. I’m gonna see if the other are perhaps the headphones, but in the mean time, all my thanks, KHS!

Hello guys I Have a cubase elements 8, I Have a Mac with high-Sierra and my daw is presonus audiobox 44vsl and the Sound is not working, in studio one is ok, but in cubase is not working, somebody can help me.
Sorry for my english
Thank you very much