Is Cubasis 3 for Android shareable on Google Family Library?

I have a 12 year old daughter who is starting to get into editing and is using Cubase at school. She has a pretty decent Chromebook at home that should be good for this. So I’d like to buy her Cubasis for Android. My plan is to buy it for myself, and let Google Family Library make it available to her. But I can’t find anywhere, where this facility has been either enabled, or disabled, by the developers. What I don’t want, is to pay for it on my Google account, and her not be able to use it on hers (the software being of no interest to me personally). My daughter’s is a child account on Google so buying through that one a bit of a pain (but will be the solution if Steinberg have not permitted family library sharing. Thanks in advance for the response!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I guess you are talking about Cubasis, which is available for Android. Not Cubase.

Therefore I move this thread to the Cubasis section.

Apologies & thanks

What’s the answer please? Do the publishers not frequent the forum?

Hi jules,
Lars Slowak is the Cubasis project manager, he is here to answer any questions during the week but not weekends, but he will get back to you :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice one, thanks.


Hi @LSlowak ,

Could I kindly ask you to have a look, please?

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Hi @jules_ht, Hi all,

Please find Google’s support article answering this question below:

Hope that helps!


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Hi Lars,

Thanks for the response but no it doesn’t.

I know broadly speaking how Family Library works, and do use it.

I know from experience that some apps I purchase are visible (and installable) to my linked family, whilst others are not.

I want to know if Cubasic will, or will not, be installable for my daughter if I buy it myself using my profile. That is the question to which I require an answer.

What I have found out in my search, is that it is a facility that app developers either enable, or disable (although I’m not entirely sure of the mechanism the developer would use to do that).

I can find nothing on the developer notes on the Play Store that sheds any light.

So, to rephrase my original post/re-ask the question: is family sharing activated, or disabled, for Cubasic?



I have Cubasis and almost 100 different synth and fx apps on my iPad, every one of them was easily shared to my wife’s iPad without having to activate anything, as long as Family Sharing is allowed in settings then it’s just a matter of tapping the App Store app/ tap the your icon (top right of screen), tap Purchased/Family Purchases, then selecting which apps to download from your family members list, in-app purchases could not be shared and she had to purchase these separately.
I don’t know the settings arrangement in Android tablets, but this is what I just found on the net:

You can share purchased apps, games, movies, TV shows, and e-books and audiobooks from Google Play with up to 5 family members using Google Play Family Library .

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mike,

It’s reassuring that sharing works on Apple, and quite possibly indicative.

What that excerpt doesn’t make clear is that many Android apps are NOT shareable within Google Family Library, and that it’s down to the developer to decide/set whether their app is or is not.

So perhaps your comment that every single app is shareable on IOS is actually indicative of a system that works differently to Google Play on Android.

Guess I’ll give it a few more days to hopefully get a definitive answer from the developers (the previous answer, I will confess, being a little disappointing and seemingly given without really reading and understanding the question) and either risk it (at this point £12.99 or whatever it is, seems like the path of least resistance), or abandon the idea.

If I do purchase, I’ll post the result for future Googlers to find.

Thanks for the advice.


Hi @jules_ht

Thanks for your message.

Could the issue be related to the age of your daughter, not matching the Cubasis requirements?


Hi Lars,

I really do appreciate you taking the time to respond, and I don’t want to appear rude, but would be super helpful if you could slow down, read my posts properly, and pull out the question that is being asked.

I have not tested this, I am not reporting a problem, I am not asking why my daughter cannot see it.

I am just asking (in advance of purchasing) whether Cubasis is enabled for family sharing (which apparently is a developer set feature) or not.

I am doing this so I do not make a wasted purchase.

Even if you don’t know/can’t find out then that’s fine, I’ll deal with that; but repeatedly getting answers to questions I have not asked is really not helping me (and in any event, isn’t Cubasis PEGI3 - suitable for all ages?)



Just to fill everyone in (now and in the future), Lars emailed me saying “it looks like we can’t make any settings in regards to family sharing on Android. But, we made Cubasis available to users from age 8.”

On the basis that this seems to be the full extend of the assistance I might reasonably expect, I have bitten the bullet and made the purchase on my device.

Immediately, Play has advised me that the purchase was successful and my family library has been updated.

So on the surface of it (I’ve been unable to test as my daughter is out), it seems like it is a shareable app on Family Link (which is all I wanted to know).

If I do have any issues related to the Google side of things (and sharing to a child’s profile) I’ll add it (including any resolution I find) to this thread, but for now I think we can consider the subject resolved.



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