is direct monitoring very tight?


I’m on C5 with Edirol AI on Xp.

I recently needed to record ultra tight stabs with immediate attack, so I had to deal with super exact timing of midi recording.

I noticed that using Direct Monitoring notes are recorded very slightly in advance. I tried selecting/deselecting “use system Timestamp”, but no change.

De-selecting Direct Monitoring, and using a low audio buffer size value, the recording is tight - and I am happy with it. Obviously later down the line with the project progressing, I will need to increase the audio buffer size, and therefore also the latency will increase.

Is is normal that Direct Monitoring is not super perfectly tight?

Direct monitoring doesn’t go through Cubase, you can’t have the 0 latency of direct monitoring in your recording, only in the output.

thanks much. how silly, didnt think about that… I was hoping to play (and record…) with direct monitoring, while having huge buffer size values…

too good to be true…

Now checked with direct monitoring and low buffer values (had to select use system Timestmap - without it was recording pretty late), and its ok all right.