Is Dorico for iPad free with a paid desktop license?

I own a Dorico 4 Pro license. I know Dorico for iPad is 40 USD per month, would I need to also pay for an iPad subscription even though I own it on desktop?


HI Logan and welcome to the forum,

You would need to pay for a separate license for Dorico on an iPad but it won’t be $40 a month. Here is the UK it’s £34.99 for a year - I’d imagine around $40 for a year?


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Err, yes. I mistyped it, It is $40/year or $4/month. BuThis text will be hiddent thank you, your help is greatly apricated! (:


It is worth mentioning that Dorico for iPad is also available in a free version. For most users, the biggest difference between the two is the ability to write for an unlimited number of players in the subscription version (versus 2 or 4, depending on whether you register the free version) and the inclusion of limited (in comparison with Dorico 4 Pro for desktop) engraving options.

And even with a full subscription, Dorico for iPad is comparable to Dorico 4 Elements, not the Pro package on your desktop.