Is Dorico SE the gateway to iOS?

WIth QT’s latest versions seeming to port well to iOS, is there any possibility that Dorico SE could be reconfigured as an “on the go” app for sketching and playback in the future? I’ve always believed the first of the big notation apps to appear on iOS probably wins the war. Thanks for humoring me.

In 2012, MakeMusic released an iPad app called Finale SongBook, which could open and play Finale .mus files. It was not updated for the new .musx format introduced the following year, and was incompatible with iOS 8, released in September 2014. It was discontinued shortly after that.

Short answer: Dorico SE doesn’t make a future version of Dorico or a Dorico-derived product on iOS any more or less likely.

(And we did an iOS version of Scorch way back in 2011 before we were spat out by the big purple people eating company. I hope that doesn’t mean they will win the war.)

I think they lost the war the moment they spat you out. :smiley:

And, to be clear, I mean a notation app, not just a player.