is Elements 7 soft licensed?

I am about to upgrade to Elements 7 from Artist 6, which uses the USB licenser. The trial version of Elements 7 works without the USB dongle. Will it be possible, once bought and registered, to continue using Elements 7 without the USB dongle? And if so, what will be the procedure, if any?

Well, I don’t think you can UPGRADE from Artist 6 to Elements 7 as it is actually considered a DOWNGRADE (notice there is no “upgrade” in the shop from Artist 6). However, you can certainly buy Elements 7 and use it without a USB Dongle just like you have been using the trial.

well, it did offer the upgrade from Artist 6 and I bought it and installed it.
However, it still keeps telling me I have a trial version and I have so and so many days left, and no matter what I do, I can NOT register or activate the full version with the code I was supplied with.
I’ve been around in circles forever with registration/eLicenser control, etc. - it’s absurd!
What next?

Open eLicenser Control Center and list EXACTLY what licenses are on the USB Licenser, the Software Licenser, and EXCACTLY what the upgrade you bought said.

Here is what it says in the eLicenser Control Center:

USB-eLicenser -
Cubase Artist 6 (Steinberg)
MP 3 Encoder (Steinberg, Sel)

Soft-eLicenser (Sel) -
MP 3 Encoder
(Steinberg, Local, Sel, Demo, Expiration Date: 214-12-30, Remaining Starts: 19)

Cubase Elements 7 Trial
(Steinberg, Local, Sel, Demo, Expiration Date: 214-12-30)

when I enter the activation code it recognizes it as -
Cubase Elements 7
Steinberg, Sel, Upgrade for Cubase AI 6 (Sel), Upgrade for Cubase AI 7 (Sel)

but then after “continue” it says -
Currently there is no license available which can be upgraded by your
upgrade license. Please connect an USB-eLicenser, which holds an
appropriate upgradable license to your computer.

Buying it from the Steinberg shop it gave several options -
(prices in DKK, I am in Denmark, on all products it said “Available”)
Cubase Elements 7 Full Version - 745 DKK
Update from Cubase Elements 6 - 372.82 DKK
Upgrade from Cubase LE 6/7 - - 372.82 DKK
Updgrade from Cubase AI 6/7 - 298 DKK (which is what I bought)
Activation Code for the permanent activation of my trial version - 745 DKK

Hope the above will make it clear what the situation is. Any further insights/advice? Thanks.
Seems to me, though, I bought the correct product. If not, I assume I’d have to then again buy the full version (or the activation code for the trial? - which? any difference?) If I did that, will they refund me the original (unused/unusable) purchase price?

P.S.: This is annoyingly complicated, considering I was perfectly happy with Artists 6 (which is all I need for my purposes) and the only reason to go to Elements 7 (same functionality completely, for me) was to get a soft-licensed version to avoid constantly dragging this stupid USB dongle around with me …

You bought a license to upgrade Cubase AI 6 or Cubase AI 7 to Cubase Elements 7 but you do not have a license (i.e. you do not currently own) for Cubase AI 6 or Cubase AI 7. Therefore, that upgrade license you purchased is essentially useless to you. If you talk to AskNet support, they should refund you or allow you to exchange for the upgrade license you need.

I believe that you want to buy Cubase Elements 7 which uses the soft eLicenser and which you currently have the trial for installed. You don’t currently have any license that can be UPGRADED to Cubase Elements 7. You do have the trial which can be permanently activated (but this is not really an upgrade and there is no discount anyway). Therefore, you want either…



Thanks. Stupid me … What actually is Artist AI? I’d never heard of it, so I (wrongly) assumed …

Where did you see Artist AI? There is no such thing to my knowledge. There is…
Cubase Artist
Cubase Elements
Cubase AI
Cubase LE
Cubase AI and Cubase LE are “lite” versions which come included with hardware or other software programs (much like an OEM version).

You’re right (again …)
This is what was offered on the “Buy now” page for Elements 7:

Cubase Elements 7 Full Version
Update from Cubase Elements 6
Upgrade from Cubase LE 6/7
Upgrade from Cubase AI 6/7
Activation Code for the permanent activation of my trial version

… and I assumed AI was somehow an abbreviation for “Artist”
Actually I find it strange, though, that they would offer an upgrade from the “light” versions but not from the full Artist 6. Well, live and learn (or look and think twice)!

P.S.: Have now bought the Trial activation for the full Elements 7 without any problems and I’m happy to’ve finally arrived at a dongle-less Cubase (it only took about 20 years since my first version). It doesn’t seem a problem to get reimbursed for the erroneously bought useless upgrade. According to their terms one can return anything within 14 days, without even giving a reason.

P.S.2: I have an unlimited mp3 encoder license on my USB-eLicenser. Can I transfer this to my soft-eLicenser? How? (dragging it in the license control center to the soft-eLicenser doesn’t seem to work.)