Is free spectralayers with cubase 12 pro?

is free spectralayers with cubase 12 pro ?

Only SpectraLayers One is included with Cubase 12, a very light version of SpectraLayers.
You can find a comparison between SpectraLayers One, Elements and Pro here:


Salve, io ho Cubase 12 Pro. Quale versione di Spectralayers One ho inclusa? Da dove lo scarico? posso avere il link o delle info più precise su dove scaricarlo e quale versione (ovviamente non a pagamento).
Ho cercato ma non ho trovato risposta. Grazie

With Cubase Pro 12 you just have SpectraLayers One 9 for free. It should appear in your Steinberg Download Assistant:

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quale aggiornamento si può fare ?

This is from the Steinberg Website:

SpectraLayers One (included in Cubase and Nuendo) does not qualify for an update / upgrade.

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Would it be beneficial in the future to rename the sl versions included with cb etc to “LE” or similar instead of “one”? Would that be less confusing to new users who buy cubendo?

I’ve always owned/purchased pro, but quick glances can often even confuse me when I see “one” in my cubendo downloads area.

Strings of numbers can be confusing…Spectralayers One 10… Studio One 6…too many numbers in a row :slight_smile: