Is GA4 VST3 maintained when updating to Cubase 10?

Since Cubase 10 includes GA5SE I want to make sure GA4 is maintained when I update Cubase 9.5. to 10.
Can anybody having GA4 and Cubase 10 confirm that please?


Yes. I have Absolute 3 with GA4 and it was fine.

Thank you @jaslan!


I have the same question with Halion. If I buy Halion 6 and if, next year, I buy Cubase 11 with a Halion Sonic SE update (featuring a new engine or design, etc.), will both programs (Halion 6 and Halion Sonic SE) stay independent and both usable?

This question is important because there has been some cases: for example, Celemony had this stupid decision with the SONAR users: if you wanted to update to the new version of the small Melodyne (Essential) given with SONAR (allowing you to use the new engine), it would replace your paid “big” older Melodyne (unless you bought the “big” update!)…