Is Groove Agent a third party plug-in?

When I start Nuendo in Safe Mode and choose to start with all third party plug-ins deactivated, create empty project and add VST instrument track…
the only available instrument is: Steinberg Halion SE!
Just curious.


Do you use Groove Agent or Grove Agent SE, please?

Hello Martin,

When I start Nuendo 13.0.21 (Windows 10) and create an empty project, then cretate an instrument track, I see a list of instruments to choose from.
The following Steinberg instruments are then available:


  • Backbone
  • Groove Agent
  • Groove Agent SE


  • The Grand


  • Halion 7


  • Halion Sonic
  • Padshop
  • Retrologue

When I use the safe-start mode and deactivate third party plug-ins, create empty project and add instrument track, the ONLY available instrument is:


  • Halion Sonic SE

Notice that in the first case there is Halion Sonic, in the latter Halion Sonic SE.

In an existing project, with a Groove Agent track defined, the safe-mode start resulted in a warning that the Groove Agent instrument could not be found.

Why is this necessary/practical/logical?

Thank you for your offer to help.


No, Groove Agent is not a third-party plugin. Groove Agent is a virtual drum instrument developed by Steinberg, a company known for its music software, including the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) Cubase. Groove Agent is often included as part of the software offerings from Steinberg and is designed to provide a wide range of drum sounds and patterns for music production. It’s an in-house product rather than a third-party plugin.

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Thank you Betonchator for your clarification.
I am glad that my initial impression was/is right: GA should NOT be blocked in safe mode.
Now I shall report this as a bug.

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Finally, I have found time to test it. And I can confirm.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.



Technically, Grove Agent is handled as 3rd party plug-in in this case.

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… and so are all the other products I mentioned…
Martin, thank you for finding out.

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