Is HALion 7 just a myth?

I remember last summer, HALion 7 was expected for next week.
Nothing moved 6 months later.
What the hell is Steinberg doing with next HALion and Absolute ???
Please free us from mixed license complex and boring situation.


Nothing will happen while there is a sale on, so it’s a waiting game i’m afraid

I am guessing they have a lot of problems and bugs to sort out first. HALion Sonic loading time is way longer then it should normally be so who knows what they are dealing with.

No loading time problems here and i would say all the problems are Silcon related

Think it’s more to do with licensing of the additional libraries. It may not be such a straight forward process when third party agreements are in place. Licensing is a funny thing.

And they’ll want the bulk of those libraries ready to roll with H7 release you’d hope. The Absolute library needs to be available as a minimum.

Thing is, I don’t know if they’re going to seek out to be home to third parties on Steinberg Licensing as they were with the eLicenser, too. Could be a lot of negotiations going on in that area too?

There was a period where HALion was talked about as being a competitor to Kontakt, losing the dongle it’d make sense that they’d push it again. But SB Licensing has been compromised I believe? I don’t know the state of it now - but perhaps closing those holes out is also part of this process.

So tomorrow for H7 ?
Feb 1st, Wednesday ! Sounds the right time to me :musical_keyboard::+1:

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Yeah, literally within 24 hours of Cubase 12 being released… That’s why I liked the eLicenser…

Geez, I remember it being posted on here but didn’t know it was that bad. Does make you wonder what SB’s plans are for it and HALion involving third parties with this in mind - it’s not great PR their side of the fence.

I don’t think HALion has any other security built in to it either?

I mean, They’ve got to be working on the security - because they’re dealing with other companies livelihoods here, not just their own.

Not likely, maybe after February 13th. :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :notes: :rofl:

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:zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

You have got to be joking. ARM is philosophically and architecturally very different to x86_64. ARM is a RISC processor - a small instruction set, whereas x86_64 is CISC - a complex instruction set.

You will only get the best that ARM can offer by adopting the ARM instruction set and architecture natively, not by grafting hardware support for one instruction set onto a totally different architecture. An ARM/x86_64 hybrid processor would be the worst of both worlds.

A translation layer like Rosetta 2 is the standard way to run non-native code.

Fine, but the change breaks a LOT of software and the ‘fix’ should be rather simple, and needs to be ‘supported’ for a very long time. The ‘transition’ needs to be much smoother for developers and end users than this one has been.

When software that has worked pretty dang well for DECADES suddenly has issues, it’s pretty odd that all of a sudden it is the fault of the small developing houses…working with decades old products. And the ‘excuse’ by the protocol developers is, “We gave them 5 years to get their acts together, and provided some ‘instructions’ (shoddy ones that take a while to practice with, test, and understand, requires sending people for courses and extra training, investments in new kits in tools, etc)! Nope…not our fault! We ‘told’ them it was coming!”

When darn near every ‘new Mac’ user has to jump through a bunch of extra frustrating hoops to get so many apps to work, it’s pretty wrong. When pathways to ‘roll back’ to things that work are intentionally subverted, it makes it a questionable choice/investment for many.

If Rosetta is the fix to support ‘existing code’, so be it. It should come preconfigured to just WORK. Instead, it comes with a lot of extra steps for end users, side-notes, conditions, mandates, disclaimers, and ‘expensive’ mandates for developers (in some cases rather unreasonable depending on the sheer size/scale and amount of existing code they must ‘adapt’). It also comes at a time when the world economy is pretty messed up, cash is short, supply is short, and PEOPLE are really hurting.

The good news is that consumers still have ‘options’. We’ll get on board eventually if the tech proves to be that much better than competitors (and gets competitive in price), but in our ‘own time’.

I moved from a 2012 Mac Pro to a Silicon model and didn’t have to jump through any hoops. What is it with you posting these anti-Apple fantasies on a HALion thread? It’s just weird, and unsettling to read.

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That’s isn’t anti , that’s the truth , how many times in the past have people had to ask Steinberg to make things compatible with new processors and OS on windows ? Only a 3rd of the amount of Apple, that’s not anti , that’s fact . I find people very foolish when they buy into new hardware and expect every other companies to jump , no , tough , you didn’t wait for the vender of the software you use to make you live to say they support it . then that tough , whether it’s windows or Mac, but the basic facts are apple cause more headaches for vendors and will carryon long after me and you have gone , you wanna buy into it ? then don’t moan about the misfortunes that a raise . Take it on the chin , Steinberg didn’t say that their software would work with what ever .
Im pretty sure the hold up on H7 will be for future compatibility but trying to guess what way Apple will go while trying to adapt to the new Windows processors is no easy feet .

Cuppa Yorkshire tea in order now :coffee: :teapot:

Steinberg/Cubase started out on hardware supporting Motorola CPU’s (Mac/Atari), it was x86 (PC) users that became ‘compatible’,

And besides that Apple have had the same Intel chips as Windows machines since around 2006 - So one architectural change in 17 years? So, What a load of balls. Apple sell off-the-shelf units so the compatibility with software like Cubase is so much better guaranteed than the huge number of configurations around Windows machine.

Plus theres the AMD/Intel/Nvidia divide in windows… Chipset issues… USB issues… DPC Latency issues… Nvidia GPU Driver issues… Power management issues… zzzzzz the list goes on and on.

I mean, do you really want to chart the number of reported incompatibilities and complaints here on a platform basis? We know the results.

“Pretty sure”? It could be equally related to securing third party licenses too, as discussed further up. SB have moved everything else comfortably onto Apple Silicon, HALion, as the rest, is built on VST3… Nearly all other plugin developers had it done, yet you’re suggesting that the platform holder can’t? Don’t buy that at all as you’re basically saying that VST3 is not a capable format.

The only difference with HALion is the depth of the licensing vs other products. And how this ties in with Absolute 5 and it’s still active lifespan.

Not only that, but the early Steinberg video that ‘accidentally’ showed HALion 7 installed was on a Mac… Not that I want something so objective to stand in the way of these weird fantasies people have… :slight_smile:

Perhaps it’s Windows they’re having a problem with, unless you’ve got a shot to prove otherwise?

Just sharing experiences. The topic came up and that poster was challenged so I chimed in.

If it works for folks and they like or want it that’s great! Still…it does effect us all a bit…in both positive and negative ways. Discussions will happen.

I am glad it worked for some. Maybe even most. I had more than a dozen M68k and ppc apps that never came for intel mac. Expensive custom hardware. Had to invest in a Windows for mac product and get by with Windows versions or use an older an older machine or lock in a boot partition at leopard. Or…just buy PCs to keep it all running.

Thanks for your brief history lesson , i’ll put that in my important folder .
You love a good old bit of baiting so i’ll bite . It’s not windows users that come here year after year complaining that Crapple have released yet another OS which doesn’t support this or that , so you can big up your Mac as much as you like . The truths there for everyone to see .

Pc’s are a bloody nightmare for vendors because Long gone the days of Steinberg recommending chipsets and motherboards . 2013 was the last one iirc , so open the flood gates for people to build systems that don’t run efficiently BUT the OS runs on ALL of them , so again , the Vendor has a nightmare trying to make their software run on ALL hardware , would you like me to tell you about system specific issues as payment for your free lesson earlier :wink:
So the problems with windows based systems are , i hate to say , the users , for not checking out what works best with said software but your holy than god Crapple (the one that no one must slander ) defunks OS’s like toilet paper .
Anyway that’s not bad considering i only read 3 lines of your lesson .

Both can be a nightmare BUT 90% of windows issues are the end user and their home build but corporation competition killer kills your hardware on a regular basis .
I’ll let you right another ease declaring your total and utter devotion ( good song that ) for you beloved .

What experiences? It’s just fantasy and make-believe that you post in a way that’s so weirdly anti-apple.

I mean, Do you even use a Mac? And i’m not talking that you used one in the 90s cause your Atari stop being supported, i’m talking about in relation to today.

Not make believe and fantasy. Ihave answered your question. You choose to take valid criticism
personally, and attack personally. That is on you.

I could post CV going back 30 years but I don’t need to. Sysops and engineers far more qualified than myself understand that my criticism is valid, ethical, and yes…biased by experiences and circumstances. They don’t apply to all, but I am not alone either.

No probs, thought i’d give you something to chew on with that horrible northern brew! :slight_smile:

Let’s have a year-by-year account of what they stopped supporting that affected Cubase users shall we? I remember them dropping 32-bit support in around 2017/2018, 8 years after moving to 64-bit hardware as standard.

But then Microsoft done the same a few years later anyway. So not sure that’s even something unique to Apple?

You’ll need to list some out for me, after all, to quote yourself… “That’s isn’t anti , that’s the truth” .
“Crapple” you said, just as a reminder…

Well, i’m a cross-platform developer by trade and always willing to learn so yes please.

Listen to yourself lol. Got one fantasist telling me that Apple users have to jump through hoops to get anything to work, and archive in a way that Windows users don’t have to. Got you saying that “Crapple” is inherently bad, whereas Windows is better, it’s the users that are wrong! :slight_smile:

I use Windows far more than I do Mac… I’ve only got a Mac Book Pro for portability and it’s absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I don’t want to get sucked back into the Apple eco system but after being on Windows for so many years, it’s just refreshing, efficient, quiet, and so simple…

Said above, straight out the box - no latency issues, no interference, no crackles, no need to throttle the CPU, no need to registry hack to stop telemetry, no hacks to stop windows from updating when my backs turned, HiDPI works as it should, Computer sleeps and wakes back up without having a fit.

All this hate on a thread about HALion 7… It’s weird.

*Ahem* Which ,by the way, isn’t running on windows yet if the screenshots are to be believed.

Y’know, It’s really annoying now i’m back on a Mac that i’ve got to wait for SB To make sure everything is in place for the 90% of users who don’t have a good windows experience. …oh well. :slight_smile:

(@Brian_Roland the above paragraph is sarcasm, by the way. Don’t want to confuse you!)