Is installation of required?

I realize that my question is partly related to what has been discussed in recent posts in topic I have already HSO licence, how to proceed with new Dorico installation?, but I would like to be sure.

I do not have anything beyond Dorico on my system and am not using the USB licenser.

I have upgraded from 2.2 to 3.1 without a hitch, with playback sounding OK for all the files I tried, but am wondering whether I must also run the setup.exe file found in the huge Will its contents be installed automatically in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion Sonic SE, updating and adding as needed, or will it be installed in a new directory of its own, specific to version 3. Thanks in advance for reassuring me.

Run the setup.exe - if you’re coming from Dorico 2.2 then you don’t currently have Olympus Choir Micro installed. The installer is clever enough not to install duplicates of existing content on your machine.


Thanks for your reply. Everything works perfectly.

Slight problem here. I ran the Dorico 3.5.1 sounds installer from Download assistant. It turned up in a zip file. It unzips to various files. In “Additional content” there’s a setup.exe file.
I ran that and it went through the initial stages: a panel came up: Steinberg Creativity first; then moved on to "Customize / to install the recommended packages, click next.
So I click next and the resulting panel says: “There are no operations to perform…etc”
However, when I start Dorico, it reports: "An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found / please run the download assistant…etc.
I notice there’s another setup.xml file in the unzipped folder “installer data”. Should I be running that?
Please allow for me not being a technical person and any help would be appreciated. The rest of the installation seems to have gone well. If I click ok to the error message I can get into Dorico.
What’s perhaps worse, though, is once I call up Dorico under these conditions, I get “Audio renderer error please restart your computer” on Youtube; and on opening the DAW (Reaper running VSL VSTs) I get “There was an error opening the audio hardware.” Both these apps return to working if I close Dorico.
Is there any solution to this that doesn’t require deep technical intervention on my part?
Thank you.

Sorry to hear you’ve been running into another problem, Ivor. Did you definitely decompress/unzip the downloaded zip file rather than just double-click it to go inside it? If you did definitely unzip it, then I’m afraid the problem is most likely due to the path ending up too long, and exceeding Windows’s (surprisngly short) maximum path length, with the result that the installer can’t see some of the files it expects to see.

To resolve this, delete the unzipped folder alongside the zip file you’ve downloaded: it’s useless and is just taking up space.

Then move the zip file to the root of your C: drive, so that it’s got the shortest possible path, and unzip it again. Go inside the folder created by the unzip process, and run the installer. Now you should find that everything is installed.

Once the installation has completed successfully and you’ve run Dorico to verify that it doesn’t complain about missing files and, furthermore, that when you start a new project and add an instrument, you get some playback, you can then delete both the zip file and the corresponding unzipped folder from the root of your C: drive to free up the space.

As for the problems you’re experiencing when trying to look at YouTube while Dorico is running, go to Edit > Device Setup and click the Device Control Panel button to open the control panel for the Generic Lower-latency ASIO Driver. The very first item at the top of that dialog is concerning exclusive control of your audio device: switch this off.

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How can I thank you for all that? It looks like I (or it) didn’t extract the zip files properly. I ran extract again and Halion has installed.
Dorico finds it ok. And now the sound for other applications works.
It’s a wonderful piece of software and I hope this’ll end me being a nuisance.
Again, many thanks indeed.

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