Is Internet hookup between two DAWs a reality for live sessions?

I use Nuendo. Another studio in another city using ProTools asked about having a live stream so musicians here can play live in a session there. Is this a reality yet using the internet to connect the two studios using 24 bit, 44.1 KHz audio? If so, any details you can share would be appreciated.

VST Connect Pro does it. But the engineer must be using Nuendo or Cubase.

VST Connect Pro does NOT do what Fast_Trax is asking for–it’s not a real-time collaborative recording experience-- the recording and playback happens on the Nuendo/Cubase side, and the performing happens on the client side. In other words, the studio is on one side and the control room is on the other, and never the twain shall meet.

Once you figure it out it’s awesome. A bit of a learning curve–I thought I might be able to use it for recording audiobooks, but so far it’s been a little too challenging on the talent side. But I’ve had great music sessions with more tech-minded participants.


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Okay, then. I revise my answer:


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Thanks all for your answers. Would anyone here know if the main studio, using Nuendo, could use VST Connect Pro with a musician at a remoter location? For instance, a singer is at the main Nuendo studio, and the pianist, located in another city, wants to play live while the singer sings live. Would that work? Would they be able to monitor each other for a live performance?

That wouldn’t work. Realtime monitoring of both sides at once is not possible.

If you have a recorded track on the control room side (where the Nuendo computer and operator are), it will play in sync on the client side (where the musicians, mics and interface hooked up to the Performer Client software are). That’s basically how it works. The talent, in one room, is monitoring what the control room is sending remotely.

In other words, each side is hearing what’s going on in sync ON their side… but there’s a delay between the control room and the studio.


We have been using something called Jamkazam to play live collaboration. I have not found it suitable yet for recording / tracking - it can and does do that, but there are issues with dropouts and synchronization of the tracks afterwards due to no common clock. It is fun for rehearsal when it works. Nothing else we have looked at works at all. I wish VST Connect Pro could - it’s really nice for what it does do.

We use Audiomovers and SessionLinkPro, they both work well. Which one is based on the situation as they’re a bit different, but in-daw streaming works well with AudioMovers. We occasionally use Source Connect when the talent already has it which most VO artists here in LA do.
There’s no such thing as everything in time at all locations simultaneously due to non-trivial internet delays and relay server latencies. As was previously mentioned if one location has a reference track that plays to the other locations, different mixes of that ref to each location, each location can play along and record something in time. But they won’t be in time with the others’ live performance, only with the reference track. So the riffing off each other’s playing unfortunately can’t happen.
If you have a REALLY low latency connection between two locations and a peer-to-peer connection you can get close to real time but it’s still challenging.
We’re doing so much remote production now and our tools are constantly changing.


I know this just because I worked on this film but they say they have 0 latency… :slight_smile:

Not zero - they say 30 ms round-trip on their website. They use a central server for mixing, so every performer hears the same mix, and just counts on their brain to discount the 30 ms delay from their performance to their own ears. Definitely works, but I can’t imagine a singer enjoying this very much.

Also - personally my ping time is higher than 30 ms to anywhere on the web (cellular SIM). You’ll need a hardwired low latency broadband connection to have any shot at this.

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one of my Studio partners is using jacktrip for jamming together. they are not playing beat related music but told me that especially in the US you could jam along close to realtime with very small latencies applied.
it’s open source - Check

I was using Telos hardware equipment long before software only solutions came to market.

The last time I used this, it had the streaming quality of the best mp3, however the latency between Burbank CA, and Lagos Nigeria was negligible. It really was nearly no latency. Used it on weekly radio shows to record the talent voiceover from Lagos Nigeria, while the producer was in Burbank CA giving realtime directions to the talent. Zephyr was what we used, on both ends.
This is their newest thing:

It helps to have a robust internet provider on both ends, so you get no dropouts.

In my DAW, I had a mono record channel coming from the Telos Zephyr, and had a microphone booth for the producer’s voice sending out to the Zephyr, again a mono channel. The unit we had was Stereo maximum, this was back in 2006.

Using this today, you could set up a DAW on each side, to do safety recordings of all involved, and send however many channels your hardware VOiP allows. This new unit above, can do up to 8 Stereo MPEG codec bidirectional feeds at once. Or less if you need a better quality feed.