Is is possible to SHOW Input Channels in Project Window?

I can see the Stereo Output Channel listed in Project Window under “Input/Output Channels” but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make the INPUT channels visible on the track list. Is this not possible with Cubase Pro 10?

Just press the tracks´write button twice, or press the global write button

Wow, that’s brilliant thank you!
I’m happy that not only does it now show inside my track list in the project window, but that I can also a track picture to it. Only thing is there seems to be a bug (or for some weird reason this is by design) but the track pictures added to the input or output channels in the Project Window do NOT populate those channels in the MixConsole. Booo Steinberg. :frowning:

I also don’t understand the logic about the solution. Why would we have to press W in MixConsole to see these input channels appear in the Project Window? Are they just for automation? Why not add them as a filter track type of “In/Out Channels” insted of “Other Track Types” and make all the active ones appear when we make that visible? Seems like poor design to me for that feature…

It is ridicolous that it is still not fixed in 2020 with Cubase 10.5.20 (Pro) :imp:

What the heck is this for a logic indeed? I stumbled over it today as well since I was setting up a new template and was never getting my input channels to show in the editor…

This has driven me crazy too so I am very happy to have found an answer here. I’d just like to add that if you click “W” for “Write All” at the top of the project window then all the input and output channels will appear at once in the track list without having to individually click each one. Clicking twice is a good idea because if you only click once then indeed you will be writing automation data as soon as you move a fader because the channel/track is in write mode. So, the second click turns “write” or “write all” off but the channel(s) remain visible in the track list. Sheesh!

And apologies I see that svennilenni also mentioned using global write