Is is still possible to delay activation until grace period announcement?

With the new licensing system, is it still possible to buy an update and wait to activate it until the next version grace period is announced? I don’t have a great need for what’s new in C13 but thought, while it is on sale, it might be a good idea to buy an update activation code and wait to enter it when I need to new features or a new version is announced with a grace period.


Of course, it’s on Steinberg side to allow the Grace Period or stop it in any time, they want to.

But at this moment, yes, the Grace Period still plays the role.

But remember that all the free stuff included now will not be present if you activate your license after the sale offer (April 28, 2024).

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Thanks. I will take those point into consideration!

I’m in the same boat. Nothing exciting and new in 13. And if anything, it’s a step back because of the ugly and confusing GUI. But I may buy it from Sweetwater during the sale - a tip for fellow Canadians, you can buy it there for about 6 bucks cheaper than Steinberg, and also won’t be charged tax.

When does “Activation” actually occur?

I bought the update and received a “Download Access Code”. From my memory of the old days, we would receive an “Activation Code” and entering THAT into the Licensing app and selecting “Activate” was the moment of Activation.
Now, is entering the Download Access Code into the Download Manager cause Activation? Or does it download the update and THEN provide an Activation Code?
Sorry, I just can’t remember….

The licence activation date for grace period purposes is when you redeem the Download Access Code via Steinberg Download Assistant or the My Steinberg website.

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