Is it a bad idea to clean install C8 Pro?

I am a happy Cubase user, but since C8 I have crashes and freezes that I did not have before.

I also do not seem to be enjoying many of the benefits (speed, etc.) other C8 users report.

Since I got here over time by upgrading since 6.5, I wonder if it would be a good idea to uninstall all these Cubases and do a a full install of C8 (of course, with the full installer from My Account).

Would this be more trouble than it is worth?

Would I also need to uninstall things such as Halion Sonic 2, and Padshop Pro?

“Clean” install sounds nice, but I fear I might get myself into a mess rebuilding everything.

Ideas, suggestions, please?

I have Nuendo 4 on my machine,along with C8 and havent any issues.But as you said,you have been upgrading as you went along so its hard to know.I usually wipe my computer once a year as crap just builds up and a clean install does help get things running smooth again.Depending how much programs you have it can be a day- 2 day job, but is worth it in the end if things run smoothly again.

Went ahead and uninstalled C8, C7.5, C7. Deleted the Preferences folder. Reinstalled C8, then 8.05, then 8.10.
All went smoothly and well.
But I have the same CPU overloads (if not more, actually!), ASIO spikes, and occasional crashing when shutting down Cubase as before. :frowning: