Is it a flow heading or a page template I should adjust?


I have a cello part that has no breaks for most of this movement. I want to keep the flow heading of the movement on the right side page. However, because there is no space for a frame break with the given music, I want to have just the flow heading show, followed by an arrow (like the one on the page preceding it). Is there a way to make a page template that includes the flow heading without and music in it; that is then followed by a default page with music but no flow heading?

Flow headings go inside music frames, so to show the flow heading information on a page without a music frame, you’d need to create a page template for that, yes.

But forgive my ignorance: if you want flow 8 to be a spread (starting on the left page), why don’t you just have it start on the page on the left, in your screenshot the one with the large arrow on it? Saves a couple of pages in the final print out? #SaveTheTrees

Perfectly reasonable option. The reason is that we want the flow heading pages to always be on the right side so that when players are sifting through pages, they only have to pay attention to the right sided-pages/flow numbers.

Doesn’t your illustration show just the reverse? The left two pages are conjoined, which means you are showing a left page joined to a right page (where the music starts) followed by another left page, which would be a challenge for the player to make a page turn.

I don’t want any music on the right page for this instance. Only the flow heading. That way the player can find the scene if they have to jump from somewhere else in rehearsal. And then turn the page to the music that starts on the left side. Does that make sense?

How about this?

Have two blank pages.
The left one will say “This page intentionally left blank” while the right one will also have that text plus the flow heading and the arrow.
Then, over the page, the music is on a double-page spread which will eliminate the need for the awkward page turn.

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Yes that is what I want to do but I want to avoid the flow heading that comes with the start of music.

Layout Options/Page setup/Flaws/Show flow headings: never
(make sure to choose the wanted layout first)

You can hide automatic flow headings on individual pages, or use a different flow heading template, using flow heading changes.

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I think those “changes” (page templates or flow headings) are widely underestimated. There are margin settings for the flow headings in the changes editor that allows a great variety of outputs. It’s been very useful to provide both the title of the number in a vocal score of an operatic work and the text cues (because of theatrical scenes between the musical numbers). Those cues are essential for anyone conducting those works to keep the rhythm and energy of the show!
Note that working with fully edited flow headings allows to have both a full score and a vocal score perfectly consistent and in sync, which is great.
So thank you Lillie for bringing these changes out. They are a great tool, underrated.

No. I want to specifically only hide the flow heading in this particular instance. Not all instances.

So you need a blank Flow Header custom template, right?

Or do a flow heading change on the next page, and choose “None” to omit flow headings just on that page.