Is it a huge step up to purchase a dedicated/well-implemented Eucon-driven DAW controller?

I have just realized the huge gap between Eucon and MCU+HUI, in terms of precision/speed.

I think… (not so sure) from what I gathered, Cubase still is not fully supporting Eucon protocol, correct?

I have no plan yet to learn another DAW that is Pro Tools and…
For some time, I have been craving to get a real good solid DAW controller unit, with motorized faders.

Does this mean, MCU-based DAW controllers are less accurate than Eucon controllers…?
And how big is that…?

Would this mean, it is like, comparing 32 bit audio vs 16 bit audio…?

I am really new to this and just wondering, why pros are so praising their Avid s4 +s1 controllers…?!
What are the big advantages over…?! And will it work well on Cubase Pro 11?

If I’d get one, I’d like to get one with high resolution…

Just in case you don’t get any timely takers for your question, there are several prior discussions:
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Fader precision in MCU can be up to 16386 steps - the actual number depends on the hardware and/or preferences settings.

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