Is it common to have Overrides in finished works?

And are these overrides there on purpose and not expected to cause any issues?

If there wasn’t a need for using them, they wouldn’t be a feature!

It’s perfectly possible to create a score with no layout overrides. But sometimes, you may need to manually adjust the frames on the page. Things like Changing the Flow Heading or Page Template are also a kind of override.

The only issue is that those overrides are change to that PAGE; not to ‘wherever that music happens to be’. So if you decide to change the Note Spacing, so that everything re-flows, then you’re going to have to sort out all those overrides again.

There’s nothing wrong with overrides as the final step in the completion of a layout. The problem comes if you do them while you’re still changing the music (or if you start at the back…!).

For instance, in a multi-flow work, a given flow might have two systems on the last page, instead of the usual three. So if I absolutely can’t increase the music spacing to fill the entire page, or squeeze it down to the previous one, then I’ll reduce the size of the music frame, to match the justified position of the systems on the previous page.

There’s no problem, as long as the altered page doesn’t have different music on it. And that will only happen if I make some radical alteration to the layout.


I got the override when I tried to add a blank page at the beginning of the piece.
This is a solo piece, and it’s two pages long, and it’s for guitar. There is a page break in the middle of the first movement, which is two pages long. Since guitar players can’t turn pages and play at the same time, I had to add a blank page at the beginning.
Is there a better way? I’ve tried a few things on my own, but no luck so far.

Adding a Blank Page will of course be an override, because it’s not the ‘automatic’ sequence of First - Default - Default.

But, if that’s what you want, then it’s fine. The music will start on page 2, and continue forward. You can add titling text to the blank page.

It’s only a problem when you DON’T want a blank page on page 1.

(And if you want a title page on lots of parts, then you can create a Page template, and insert that instead of a blank.)

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The easy way to start on page 2 is to change Layout options>Page setup>Page number and set the starting page number on 2… I do that quite often :wink: No need to add any blank page

I just tried that, and yes it did change the page number, but it did not move the page to the left. That’s what I am after. I want there to be no page turns between the first two pages. It makes the music sound funny if you’re a solo guitarist and you have to stop and turn a page and there isn’t supposed to be any pause in the music.

It does move the page, it’s the only reason I’m doing it! A page 2 is always a left page in Dorico, unless you use a strange workaround…
Make sure you have the appropriate layout selected when you change the page number in the Layout options, on the right column.

And if it’s not moving the page number, that’s because you already have an override on that page. Remove the overrides and the pages will go back to following the correct left/right page templates.

Here’s what I have.
The first two pages of notes must be joined as one piece of paper because page-turns are unacceptable for guitar players with only two hands.
Is there a better way than what I have done?

I don’t understand this statement. Left/Right pages are only an issue if you print double sided. Print single sided and you can arrange the pages to suit your performance.

That said the layout you show will print correctly double sided without a page turn.

If it works, then it’s fine. As said, the only problem is if you need 10 parts exactly the same; in which case, you’d make a Page Template of the Title page, and Insert that onto each one.

I think you have done it well.

On the other hand, not what you are asking, and probably you already changed this – bar 19 of the allemande should be moved to the next line. And one or more systems of page 3 could be moved to page 2 to even out the spacing.

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When the music needs to start on a left-hand (verso) page I always include a basic title page just like this instead of directly changing the page number. I’ve been given plenty of parts where someone just mindlessly hit the double-sided printing button on a PDF without a title page, making all the carefully thought-out page turns end up in the middle of a spread…
For larger ensembles it’s useful to create a “Title” page template (using {@layoutname@} tokens) that you can insert into any part when needed. It will, indeed, always create an override.