Is it impossible to center the mixer PAN with remote cc's??


When I move the pan of any channel with a generic controller, it’s impossible to put the pan at center, I can only put it at 63 or 64 (cc value), wich results in L1 or R1 in the panner-display in cubase:

When I use my mouse and rightclick with controll the pan centers like it should. When I record automation data and move the pan WITH THE MOUSE it records a center position. when I use a controller (cc 18, midichannel 2, 0-127, VST mixer/selected/standaard panner in a generic remote setup) it’s impossible to create the value “center”, it’s either L1 or R1 in the panner-display in cubase.

What am I doing wrong anybody?’

kind regards, Jurgen

Had this same issue.

Now, i’ve got a Center button on my Control surface: try max value 100 in generic remote and have your controller send 50, or so…

AFAIK 63 = -1 pan & 65 = +1 pan so 64 = C
0 to 127 are 128 values so 64 is the centre :wink:

I guess your controller is tricking you.

Does it work like this you mean?

0 = unused
1-63 = L 63 values
64 = C
65-127 = R 63 values

Never thought about it before.


This is not true :wink: it’s 64 values left and 64 values right pan… The Center would Be 63.5 :wink: and every Controller has a Problem with that :wink:

Sorry gents, I actually miread the opening post. I thought we where talking midi pan here.
I can confirm panning a non-midi channel with a generic controller won’t centre (L1 - R1).

Maybe your controller or the Cubase mixer reads something else, like 64 left en 64 right, but the actual data send and received is just 0 to 127. :wink:

CC value 0 = off
CC value 1 = hard left (Cubase pan reads -63)
CC value 64 = Centre (Cubase pan reads C)
CC value 127 = hard right (Cubase pan reads 63)

Midi values like 63.5 are only possible with a combined parameter (2x 7bit) e.g. the pitchbend.

I have to try this out. I thought I once send values 0 to 127 to pan and never got it centered… I am not sure though…

However, I found it quite cumbersome to dial in “pan center” position, so I configured my control surface for use of an encoder to dial in the pan and a dedicated button to center. Much quicker…

That’s a solution.

Another simple workaround to solve the problem is adjusting the max value of the CC that controls the mixer’s pan to 126 instead of 127 (in device setup). Then it’s possible to centre the pan of a non midi channel with the encoder.
Downside is that you lose one step for fine adjustment of the panning (I doubt an ordinairy user would notice that though).

Thanks for the input, the above solution works for me too. (setting max value to 126 in the generic remote (= uneven range for controller) and an extra button sending the center pan info)

kind regards, Jurgen

I could never get my controllers to center panners either. Until I saw this post. I want to share an image of a generic remote set-up for momentary buttons to press to center pan for Audio and MIDI:

For the Audio you set your controller button up to send min=max=63, and for the MIDI min=max=64.