Is it interesting to install Halion sound files on SSD Drive ?


I’ve just bought the “Hybrid” bundle for Halion (and it is fantastic !), and facing some spikes in CPU usage when a lot of notes are playing simultaneously (with Waves), I installed (thanks to the Library manager) Poly and Wave soundbanks on a SSD, just to see…

And I’ve seen nothing ! Tracking any activity with the task manager, I’ve seen absolutely no use of the drive the vst sound files are on.

Does someone know how Halion use the vst soundbanks files and if there is any benefit in installing them on a SSD drive ?

There’s no issue, I’m just curious about that and looking for tips to decrease the CPU usage of Halion.

Thank you all !

Mostly i let Halion run in RAM so there is no need for a speedy drive.
But that depends on what you use as instruments, big instruments like GIGs on piano’s and strings i do not use.
So i use RAM.