Is it just me, or...deleting inserts.

Is it just me, or are deleting inserts now harder than ever in C7? That is, with all the scrolling, the “no effect” selection can be up at the top of the list out of sight, so this becomes tedious.

I like the search behavior, it’s just too many motions to delete a simple insert. Maybe there’s a shortcut I’m missing. If so…HELP!

Thanks in advance,

I click the pull down, “del” key, “enter” removes the plugin.

Having the ‘None’ selection always in view has been asked for about a jillion times. You are not alone.

Select insert dropdown hit letter “n” > enter, seems to work well

Agreed. “No Insert” should be a stationary button, not part of the scrolling area.

That’s it. Click on the plug-in, press delete. Job done. Where’s the problem :question:

Some of us are paranoid about the delete key (and its highly focus-dependant nature in Cubase).

No lie, Kemosabe. I still occasionally delete a track when I -meant- to delete an Event.

But the recurring theme in this topic is that, there are -way- too many hidden bon bons in Cubase that require -memory- (which I don’t have!) You need an unambiguous visual cue for every key command. In this case, keeping the No Insert choice always in view. In the case of other commands? Every drop down should have the assigned shortcut next to it.

See Edit/Undo :unamused:

from anywhere in your plugin list, simply press the space bar instead of delete, this will bring you right to the top, automatically highlighting ‘no insert’.

Good tip! Thanks.

But again to S/B:

That’s right up there with: ‘Turn left and part my hair on the right to activate the magic features.’ Cubase is too complex to have so many hidden UI features…
What concerns me is this irony: In pursuing a ‘simplified’ graphical interface, you’re actually making the program -less- intuitive over time. All that ‘visual clutter’ actually made the program -easier- to use. Too much to remember!



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