Is it just me?

It might just be me but it seems like a lot of other DAWs are just following after Cubase. Logic now with a “track version” type feature, Studio One and Pro tools trying to implement a “media bay” type thing now. Even the way pro tools is doing their “Freeze Track” feature now is similar to Cubase and more DAWs with more Cubase like features I come across when watching their videos on youtube. Im not sure how I feel about that. But I guess when you’re trying to be the best you have to imitate the best… Or something… I don’t know but is it just me or are you guys noticing a lot of Cubase wannabes too?

Im just waiting to see who’s gonna be the first to do a “chord pads” type feature. LMAO!

I think everyone follows everyone. Cubase followed/follows others, and others followed/follow Cubase, etc., etc. It’s a good thing all around, of course. There are plenty of features that I love about Cubase which were copied from other DAWs, and other features that I wish they would copy now! :slight_smile:

so true!


I think they ALL should switch to the term TAKE which is what we have always called them.

Now we have Alternatives in Logic which sounds stupid IMO
Layers in S1
Lanes in Cubase

Its all kinda silly with the trying to name the SAME function a different thing

Jeez, discussions about what sounds good or bad drives me nuts. It’s so dumb to say that! It’s *ucking math, digital stuff, there is no good or bad.

I don’t think that would be a good name, because we already have that concept covered by what Cubase calls “parts”. The concept behind track versions is that they’re musically different – they’d look different on paper. Each track version can have multiple parts/takes, which are performance attempts that would look the same on paper.

I’ve been using one DAW or another since about 1995 and have witnessed a cross pollination of ideas from Cakewalk to Emagic to Steinberg and now Studio One. It’s a pretty cool evolution!

I think it comes down to which feature(s) you need the most.