Is it my imagination

Hi All, Is it my imagination or are there many fewer posts on this forum? The forum seems to be on hold. The
learning curve has lessened quite a lot. I would, at one time, find new posts daily. Now it takes days. What’s
going on around here? My interest is waning.

The Lounge certainly has waned, various bannings and then the summer weather have reduced the interest it seems.

Happens when forums get more mature and users who keep demanding the company fix their issues realise what they have bought requires a lot of setting up and maintenance, a fair deal of unsuperficial knowledge and a professional attitude (which is expected of users of professional equipment). Also they need to realise that it was built to certain general criteria which means that it will not necessarily be customisable to their supposed idea of how it should work for themselves.

Funny, but no-one seems to need editable freezing or VST bridges any more. More style pushes out the fashionable.

Tony’s never far away :wink:

It has been rather peaceful around here lately, hasn’t it? Nice! :sunglasses:

Hooray! A new thread!

…but I can’t think of anything to s a y . . . .

sshhhhuuussshhh don’t speak to soon ! :laughing: :laughing:

Holidays, been away for 2 weeks and still busy with all kinds of things other than visiting forums :sunglasses:

I just returned from traveling:

4,000 air miles

1,500 nautical miles

100 bus miles

75 taxi miles

12 walking miles

10 ferry miles

450 elevator feet

87,000 stair-steps (seems like it was that many :wink: )

Well, some of you are still kicking. It’s not a total loss around here-- yet.

forum? what forum?