is it OK to put 32 bit stuff into Cubase 64 bit?

I have moved into a 64 bit environment with windows and also cubase. Can I install some old 32 bit vsts into the 64 bit environment ?

please advise–I have the 64 bit software and hardware environments STABLE and dont want to mess it up and start over…maybe refer me to a better search phrase for power searching

thankyou-hope your well in your studio

It’s possible, but based on my personal experience, it’s inadvisable. As soon as I was able to eliminate all 32-bit VST plugins, my Cubase setup became 100% stable, as in, it hasn’t crashed even once since then. Based on user reports, if you really, really have no alternative to a particular 32-bit plugin, then the best results are apparently found with 3rd-party solutions such as VE Pro or jBridge.

ez drummer 32 / 64 heads up post here:

Sorry for the delay and inconvenience this has caused. Something we overlooked originally was that you are using the first update version for EZD2. Are you on a 32 bit or 64 bit PC? Please try our advice below.

Please use the 64 bit version of EZdrummer 2.0.2 and Cubase 7.

Please ensure you have updated to the latest 64 bit version of Cubase 7.

Please then download and install the EZdrummer 2.0.2 update. This update is located in My Products > EZdrummer 2 > updates.

Once downloaded and extracted please run the 64 but installer.

When you run the 64 bit installer please take note of where the installer is installing the VST plugin on your computer. The default location is C:/ProgramFiles/VstPlugins/Toontrack/64bit.

It is extremely important that you do not move or alter the plugin or folders once installed.

Please then restart after the installation.

IF EZD2 standalone works okay then we can be sure the Toontrack software installed just fine. Cubase and the standalone use the VST plugin information.

Once you have restarted please launch Cubase and use the plugin manager to set the path to the location of the 64 bit EZdrummer .dll file.

The location of the .dll file can be verified by launching EZD2 standalone 64 bit > help > show plugin path.

In cubase this is done by clicking Devices > Plugin information > VST2plugin paths > Add path to C:/ProgramFiles/VstPlugins/Toontrack/64bit. (or where you chose to install it).

You will then be able to use EZdrummer 2 in Cubase from the VST inst

Guys I will not try this then…thankyou for saving headaches and time…even though this is a painful lesson to learn, having stable work flow at 64 bit is still a good thing !

Best of luck in your studios----hope you are making progress in your studio