Is it perfactly fine atlast moving to win11 on cubase12?

I’m on Amd 3950X with 128ram and ufx II interface.
im using a lot of vsts and midi specially with films and tv
and would like to know if it all gonna work for me.
all vsts and instruments are latest updates. using a lot of native inst, spitfire, etc.
please tell me what you think.
thank you

I’m on win 11 but on intel.
What I recommend is a dual boot so you keep your win 10 partition until you are totally happy win 11 is setup correctly.
I would never jump in and update to a new OS without having a plan on how I keep working in case things don’t go as planned.

I did dual boot and it was a good two weeks before I was happy with my win 11 setup and I then gave it another two weeks before reclaiming the win 10 partition

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