Is it possible for Spectralayers to be optimized better through hardware acceleration?

I have a question, is it possible (or should I say) could Spectralayers theoretically be optimized better for users with dgpu? I have a powerful gpu (top of the line) and since Spectralayers deals with the visual aspects of audio I’m wondering if optimization is possible through hardware acceleration?

The reason why I ask if this is possible is because I have a powerful computer and when I open spectralayers projects with many layers and use high fft size (along with 100% refinement and resolution maxed out), it tends to choke my computer. I’m wondering if Spectralayers could be better optimized through hardware acceleration or video encoding.

I recently started editing 4k video and I have noticed that the program I am using (which isnt a popular one) to edit the video is optimized extremely well through hardware acceleration, I’m able to add smooth transitions and effects without poor frame rate issues or microstutters or having to wait seconds for gui to catch up. I’m wondering if the same could be done for Spectralayers.

Also (speaking of gui) the unmixing levels feature is okay but it’s main pitfall is that it is based off of auditory “noise/audio” levels and not “visual/gui” levels. I would like to see the same unmixing levels feature be implemented on a “visual/gui” aspect level rather than based off the contents in the actual auditory audio file. The way I’m imagining it being implented is to unmix levels based off of “min amplitude” and “max amplitude” visual settings where the area that is black becomes “low level” and the area that is dominant (in clear view) becomes “high level”. Since Spectralayers is mostly a visual application, I felt it would have been best if the unmixing feature was implemented this way (rather than relying on the contents of the actual audio file based off of audiotory noise levels).