Is it possible make a Midi Device Patchbank that will send Bank Select AND SysEx information?

I am building a Hardware Only system with a bunch rackmounts and keyboards, making Patch Select tables in Midi Device Manager.

In the Create New Midi Device window under Preset Type there is a Snapshots option. Will that allow me to save everything that is sent from my Yamaha DX-11 on a pach change to be output later as a Patch Select? If so how do I capture each Patch send and save it as a preset?

The DX-11 when it sends a Patch Change it sends a standard Program Change message followed by a SysEx that contains all the patch data for that individual patch. Another DX like my TX81z receives the Program change AND will load that Patch data into the preset temporarily. I want cubase to send the whole shebang, not just program select.

Is this doable or am I misreading what Preset Type/Snapshots is?