Is it possible to add a flat symbol in layout name?

Is it possible to add a flat symbol in layout name? I would like to display Clarinet in B[flat] in its part, for example.

Yes, but it’s a bit of a faff. I had to rummage around in Font Book (on a Mac - I think Character Map on Windows does the same thing). Here’s a flat:

Copy and paste it into your layout name. You may want to hunt around for different flat glyphs (symbols) in whichever of the two system utilities (apps) above is relevant to you, to find one that fits with the size and style of the text font you’re using in your score.

It’s not really possible in a supported way yet, but this is definitely on our list.

It is no what I was looking for, but it did the trick perfectly! Thank you. :smiley:

I just copied your flat. In Academico font the flat has the right spacing and the symbol has the same shape as in Bravura (in Times New Roman, for example, it is not so good).

I can not get the {@layoutname@} of the parts to display a properly formated transposition (with a flat symbol). It still says “(B flat)”.

Is this feature implemented in 1.2 ? If so, what do I need to do to set it correct ?



if you do actually copy this character here, as suggested:

and paste it into the Layout name

it will work (I just tried):