Is it possible to add a new unpitched instrument?

Hi All

I am starting to create new percussion maps for myself. It’s a bit tricky but I’m getting the hang of it and it all seems very well thought through.

I’d like to add new percussion instruments to the list of unpitched percussion that is available from within the percussion map dialog box “Instrument” selection:

so that I can connect them to the same list in the setup page:

I can see that this might not be strictly necessary to connect the two sections together using the exact percussion instrument, that is I can use any instrument not already in the same percussion map, but I was wondering if I have missed something.

Perhaps there is a file that I can manually edit to add them myself?


Dorico does not at present include an editor for instrument types, though this is something we certainly plan to add in the future.

If you search around the forum you’ll find various posts about manually editing the instruments.xml file that contains Dorico’s instrument definitions, but I must stress that this is not supported by us, and we don’t recommend mucking around with the files inside Dorico’s installation folder or application package.

You can, though, change the name of an instrument so that it appears in the score under your preferred guise. I’ve had occasion to change a snare drum to field drum, for instance.

I basically posted a walkthrough on how to add a new instrument here, just modify it for percussion. Daniel’s caveat about this being unsupported is important though, so be sure to back up both the original files and your edited files as they will be overwritten with any update.