Is it possible to Arm all Midi and Audio tracks

I am using Cubase Artist 6.5

I a can only find an “Arm all Audio tracks” function but I want to arm every track that is available including Midi.

If there is an “Arm all MIdi tracks” equivalent?

Hej Keith

This is very easy - just make a PLE preset like this:
Arm All Tracks.png
And then assign a shortcut to this new preset.

Voilá :wink:

The Project logical editor (PLE) is not available in the Artist version of Cubase which is why I can not use it. I need a another route?

Depends how many midi tracks (band? Max 3?). Don’t know if there is a one button solution as suggested but I presume in Artist you just set the arm buttons per track.
Now tell me you’re daisy-chaining 8 synths… :mrgreen:

Ok - then you can take the Macro route:
Arm All Tracks - Macro.png
And then assign a shortcut to this new Macro.

In my macro example I’ve only added 4 “Add Next” and “Add Prev” - you just add as many you need to be on the safe side (10 - 20 - or whatever). It’s no problem if you have more than needed - the Macro runs fine anyway.


Yes that works perfectly and I have even assigned it to a Mackie control key which is why I wanted it in the first place

Thank you very much,



Alternatively, you could put them all in a folder and arm the folder.